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Storage and direct supply of standard and hazardous goods including Paints, Acids, Oils Lubricants, Greases and Tapes.

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  • MADE Chemicals provides a bespoke specialist outsourcing service offering full Chemicals Supply Chain Management (CSCM) solutions to the Aerospace Industry.
  • We deliver unique chemical solutions across a wide range of applications — cabin interiors, structural materials, seating components, fuel and lubricant solutions, coatings & specialty pigments, as well as flame retardants & fire protection.
  • Our comprehensive inventory management systems can be tailored to suit your requirements and includes:

Direct Line Feeds (DLF)

  • Allows a manufacturer to contract out the complete responsibility for the purchasing, management and supply of chemicals directly to the engineers
  • The practice of storing and monitoring any inventory a client requires
  • This can either be in portable bins and trays or in fixed vending units directly at the point where it will be used


Product Categories

  • We provide a wide range of adhesive solutions across the lifecycle of the aircraft including:
    • Double and single sided tapes for bonding, masking and protection applications
    • Epoxy, Neoprene, Solvent, Acrylic and water based adhesives
    • Applicators and dispensing equipment
  • Products sourced from quality approved suppliers such as Permabond, Loctite, 3M, Permatex and Araldite
  • We offer a comprehensive range of quality aerospace sealants
  • All our widely approved performance adhesive and sealants meet stringent testing requirements for the aerospace industry including smoke toxicity and flame resistance
  • From windscreen, canopy and fuel tank sealants, high temperature and firewall products to fast cure, corrosion inhibitive and speciality products we have a range to cover all your needs
  • Products sourced from quality approved suppliers such as Momentive, LJF, 3M and Dow Corning
  • Specialist procurement of quality aerospace lubricants and anti-seize compounds that fill almost every lubrication needs of the aerospace and aviation industry
  • We source and procure high technology lubricants and greases that are specifically formulated to withstand the most severe extremes of temperature, pressure, bearing load, speed, harsh chemicals and oxidizers such as liquid oxygen
  • Our lubricants and greases are sourced from all major manufacturers such as Shell Aviation, Air BP, ExxonMobil, Solutia, Total, Nyco, Chemetall and many more
  • Specialist procurement of a range of piston engine oils, turbine engine oils and hydraulic fluids that are formulated to meet or exceed industry specifications
  • Products sourced from quality approved suppliers such as Castrol, AirBP, Aeroshell, Mobil and Royco
  • Specialist procurement of high efficiency precision cleaning solvents for Commercial and Military aircraft
  • We source and supply a wide range of cleaners and solvents for all aviation applications, including cleaning aircraft exteriors and interiors, removing difficult soils, lavatory care products, engine overhaul products designed to safely remove scale and soils from turbine blades and other engine components and paint strippers
  • Available in a number of pack sizes from 1000ltr IBC’s to flat pack impregnated wipes
  • Products sourced from quality approved suppliers such as Ardrox®, Superbee, Turco, and Zok
  • Our specialist MADE Chemicals outsourcing team can offer a bespoke procurement service delivering a wide range of complimentary products such as applicators, dispensing equipment, nozzles, pumps, paints & coatings, NDT and Leak Detecting items and much more


Whatever your requirements, our hugely experienced staff will always endeavour to procure exactly the right parts, equipment or supplies you require and deliver them whenever and wherever you need them. If we exhaust all our sources and fail to find exactly what you need then we will suggest an alternative complimentary part if it exists.